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NanoSystems Laboratory

Welcome to NanoSystems Laboratory

NanoSystems Laboratory's goal is to provide academic and industrial users with access to advanced material characterization and fabrication tools for research and development applications. NSL is located on the Columbus Campus of The Ohio State University in the Physics Research Building.

Research capabilities available at NSL include focused ion beam/scanning electron microscopy, e-beam lithography, nanomanipulation, EDS X-ray microanalysis, X-ray diffractometry, SQUID magnetometry, atomic force/magnetic force microscopy, low temperature magnetotransport measurements and Langmuir-Blodgett trough monolayer deposition.

Instrument Status
AFM Operational
BAFM Operational
Cryo-AFM By Special Arrangement
Clean Room Operational
Organic Clean Room Operational
CVD Operational
EPR Operational
FIB/SEM Operational
Old Graphene Furnace Operational
New Graphene Furnace Operational
Lab-18 Sputtering System Operational
LBT Operational
LTMT Operational
MOKE Operational
Maskless Aligner Operational
Metal Evaporator Operational
Olympus Optical Microscope Operational
Zeiss Optical Microscope Operational
Organic Evaporator Operational
Polisher/Grinder Operational
PPMS 14T Operational
Probe Station Operational
Spinner Operational
New SQUID Operational
Wire Bonder Operational
XRD Operational

Recent News

03/02/2016 - NSL Welcomes Christine Prechtel to Staff

03/18/2015 - NSL Welcomes Billy Kelley to Staff

08/27/2014 - NSL Welcomes Asnika Bajracharya to Staff

12/16/2013 - New NSL Lab - Organic Clean Room

8/9/2013 - New Tabletop Maskless Aligner System µPG501

10/17/2012 - ENSL Welcomes Laura Heyeck to Staff

4/13/2012 - ENSL Aquires TerraHz Time Domain Spectrometer

4/1/2012 - PPMS Installed and Available for Use

3/1/2012 - Lab-18 Sputtering System Installed, Ready for Use


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